Air Duct Installation in Walnut Creek, Oakland, Dublin

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Air Duct Replacement and Installation Services

Galaxy Services offers comprehensive ductwork solutions, including the replacement and installation of both flexible and rigid air ducts. Whether you need to upgrade old ducts or install a new duct system in a new home, our specialists are equipped to design and properly size your new ductwork for optimal performance.

Ductwork is a vital component of your home’s heating and air conditioning system. When it functions correctly, it ensures consistent comfort throughout your house. Conversely, a leaky system can cause improper air balance and lead to increased energy costs.

Air ducts can become damaged due to several factors, such as age, poor design, and rodent activity. Here are key indicators that you may need to replace your HVAC ductwork:

  • Your ducts are over 15 years old
  • You experience poor air quality, excessive dust, allergies, or respiratory issues
  • Certain areas of your home are significantly hotter or cooler than others
  • There is minimal to no airflow in some parts of your home

Ensure your home’s duct system is efficient and effective with Galaxy Services’ expert replacement and installation solutions.

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Air Duct Installation in Walnut Creek, Oakland, and Dublin

Sometimes, the extent of duct repairs needed makes it more cost-effective to install a new duct system. At Galaxy Services, our ductwork specialists are trained to identify the best solutions for your ductwork needs. We provide comprehensive inspections to pinpoint damage and other issues, offering services such as sealing leaky ducts, patching or replacing damaged sections, and adding or repairing duct straps.

When installing new air ducts, Galaxy Services ensures they are installed correctly, securely, and sealed to provide optimal comfort in your home.

If your duct system is causing uncomfortable temperatures or airflow issues, trust Galaxy Services for professional air duct repair and replacement services. We are your local resource for expert HVAC repair and installation, serving customers throughout Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, and San Mateo Counties.

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